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D.I.P. 4 VISA APPLICATION FORM To (1) The Director General, Department of Immigration & Passports Government of Bangladesh, Dhaka. (2) The Assistant Director, Regional Passport Office ..................................................
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Name, Date of Birth — (or equivalent for the nationality) Name of spouse and minor children. Date of arrival — ........................................... 3. Passport no. Place of residence. Address 4. Date of expiry date. 5. Telephone +91-9812604055 or +91-98110681561(mobile); Mail Address. 6. Fax Number. 7. Date of arrival. 8. Fax (if available) 9. Email: .............................................. Please inform me if I should proceed ahead to the next item or proceed with the below items only? (1) I request further confirmation if I should proceed ahead to the next item. 7. If I have already submitted the above particulars (item 4) on time, then proceed with next question as stated below. 8. If I have not furnished the above particulars on or before the due date it is my obligation to apply for a new application from where I depart for the country with which I do not hold an onward visa. Any additional amount would be applied to a new visa. Please inform me in this letter if the above particulars have been furnished on or before the due date and of the date of return which is the last date for submitting this application? 9. If I have already paid the above amount, I request that the amount be refunded to me. 10. I have been unable to furnish all the particulars above, would the above be sufficient reason for not proceeding with this application by issuing my visa/extension of stay at the earliest stage? The application must be completed. I have submitted my application in full. Please advise if I have taken up your application. If I have failed to submit my application on time, may I resubmit the application in order to apply for some extensions? No. The decision of granting a visa/extension of stay will be final. If I have taken up your application and still haven't received your response, may I resubmit the application for further consideration, pending your response? If the above notification is not in your possession, may I still take up your application once you make this notification. If I have already furnished all the particulars, but your decision is final, may I still resubmit my application? If yes, please provide me with a reason of your decision.
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